Mr Funfere Koroye

Industrial Product Designer

Funfere Koroye is a Design Engineer, Hardware Developer, and UX Researcher based between London and Lagos. With 10 years of experience, he is eager to improve his knowledge of the inner workings of hardware - innovation, branding, manufacturing, advertising, and development.

As a recipient of the Global talent visa from Tech Nation - His skillset spans several industries which include but are not limited to FMCG, Femtech, Footwear, and Furniture. He has received global recognition for his work across  Africa, America, China, Italy, and Australia.

At the very tender age of 5, a young Funfere grew into an inquisitive, but very bright kid - always taking apart toys and appliances to see how they worked.

Inspired by Steve Jobs and Dieter Rams, Funfere Koroye discovered his passion for creating and designing which informed his decision to study Industrial and Product Design Engineering, at the Savannah College of Art and Design and Domus Academy amidst many objections from family.

After graduation, he started off designing footwear, then mobile phones, and packaging for the food and beverage industry. Now his focus has shifted to clean energy and Fintech.

Today, Funfere is a co-founder of a tech and design startup, the Nupe Project, an initiative focused on solving the many challenges affecting many third-world countries specifically, while simultaneously fostering the ignored 1% of African talent in Hardware development.

As an industrial designer and product developer, one with a heart and genuine compassion for helping many individuals. Funfere has been opportune to design, plan, and develop industrial, commercial, and consumer products for mass manufacture with particular emphasis on ergonomic factors, marketing considerations, and innovative advancements to help businesses reach their customers more efficiently.

Some of his innovations include designing the Nugas smart sensor for LPG cylinders, a diffuser system that repels insects by using a mist system and an automated timer, and a tube-like water filter that fits into most regular plastic bottles with the sole purpose of distilling unclean water inexpensively.

In 2017, he was commissioned to work on developing/designing a solar-powered electric bicycle for AWA bike - a Nigerian smart bike-sharing platform that seeks to solve mobility issues in closed communities by linking members to available bicycles through the app. With AWA Bike, Riders can search, unlock bikes, enter their destinations, pay, and interact via the app.

In 2018, he was commissioned to work on developing/designing a solar battery for Jaza Energy in Tanzania - which is currently powering the homes of thousands of East Africans without access to electricity on the grid.

In 2019, he was commissioned to work on developing/designing a motorcycle and riding gear in Nigeria for Gokada - a vehicle for hire company headquartered in Lagos. It is the first motorbike hailing app in Nigeria that allows Customers to order a motorbike ride through the company's website, or by using the company's geo-location-based mobile app.

In 2020, he received a small grant from LASRIC (Lagos State Science Research and Innovation Council) to develop a personal respirator for healthcare workers during the COVID19 lockdown. Nupair is a kit of parts consisting of a modified Respirator, an off-the-shelf full face mask, a custom (3D-printed) adapter, and an HME filter cartridge. The primary benefit of the N99 mask is providing 360-degree protection and an airtight seal; while allowing for controlled intake and exhaust flow through the top of the mask.

Over the next few years, Funfere Koroye aims to pioneer hardware development on the continent by using design innovation to improve the lives of millions. His achievements to date and strides in the field of innovation have won him the Lords Achievers Award for technology and a nomination for the Future Awards Africa in the same category.


Trinity Internal College, Lagos, Nigeria (2001 – 2004)
British International School, Lagos, Nigeria (2004 – 2007)


The Academy of Art University, San Francisco, California (2007 – 2008)
Savannah College of Art and Design, Savannah, Georgia (2008 – 2011)
The Domus Academy, Milano, Italy (2012 – 2013)
Accademia Riaci, Firenze, Italy (2013 – 2014)


IGCSE O Levels (2004 – 2006)
IGCSE AS Levels (2006 – 2007)
BA in Industrial Design (2008 – 2011) 
MFA in Design Engineering (2012 – 2013)
Diploma in Footwear Manufacturing (2013 – 2014)
Certification In User Experience Design (2021-2022)


Product Design
Product Branding
Product Innovation
Product Advertising
Product Prototyping
Product Engineering
Product Development


Sneaker Design
Furniture Design
Appliance Design
Packaging Design
Motorcycle Design
Sustainable Design
Humanitarian Design


Volunteer: Idea Builders (2009)
Design Intern: Fuel Skate Shop (2010)
Summer Intern: Ann Taylor Loft (2011)
Apprenticeship: Roberto Ugolini (2013)
Sneaker Design: J.V.P Melbourne (2014)
Packaging Development: Sokolad (2015)
Beverage Design: Wilsons Lemonade (2015)
Design Lab Tech: Day Waterman College (2015)
Product Development: African Basketball League (2017)


Junior Designer: JUMP (2012)
Freelance Design: Knight (2013)
Senior Designer: Thandos (2016)
Footwear Developer: Keexs (2016)
Phone Designer: Tecno Mobile (2016)
Chief Design Officer: Nupe Project (2017)
Research & Design: Sponge Design (2018)
Furniture Design: Titilailai Studios Lagos (2018)
Interior Product Architecture: Studio Koroye (2018)
Alternative Energy Hardware Design: Jaza Energy (2019)
Senior VP of Technology & Engineering: Nupay Technologies (2021)


Vogue UK
A24 Media
Arise News
Okay Africa
TEDx Unilag
Concept Kicks
Fast Company
Design Indaba
Pop Central Tv
Ventures Africa
News Central Tv
Channels Television
Guardian Newspaper
How We Made It In Africa


Global Talent Visa - Tech Nation (Endorsed)
The Future Africa - Technology (Nominee)
Lord's Achievers - Innovation (Winner)